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This sounds interesting, but what is RSS

RSS is a specific file type which presents information in a highly structured way. It is specifically designed for syndicating 'news' type content, with headlines and articles, or 'items'. RSS files are also known as 'feeds' or 'news feeds'. Here's some great introductory primers on RSS: Introduction to RSS, RSS Tutorial

Being highly structured means that RSS files can be read and understood by software. Many sites now produce RSS feeds of their content so that consumers can use software programs known as 'news readers' (or 'feed readers' or 'news aggregators') to bring all the news and content from a variety of sources into one place on their desktops or in their web browser. These news readers are very cool because they automatically check for updated content and present all the news feeds in such a way that you can easily see what's new across a large number of sites very quickly without having to actually visit the sites. You'll find a list of available feed readers here (some are even free).

RSS is how FeedrollPro can parse the latest news from your site and make it available for easy syndication by other webmasters.

By the way, ATOM is another file format, closely related to RSS. ATOM is meant for much the same purposes. FeedrollPro supports both RSS and ATOM. You can find out more about ATOM here.

I want an RSS feed for my website, how do I get one?

We recommend you try FeedForAll, a simple and feature rich desktop program, which will make it very easy for you to build and publish an RSS feed. And once you've got an RSS feed you'll be able to use FeedrollPro to make it available for other webmasters to syndicate:

  • New RSS feeds can be easily created and published with FeedForAll.
  • Advanced features enable you to create professional looking rss feeds quickly.
  • Existing RSS feeds can be repaired and enhanced with FeedForAll.
  • RSS feeds generated by other means can be automatically repaired, so that they conform to the RSS 2.0 specification.
  • Existing feeds can be enhanced to contain advanced feed properties
  • RSS feeds created with FeedForAll are fully compatible with FeedrollPro.
  • Works with Windows 98, NT, 2000, XP or ME version
  • And you can download a FREE trial copy right here to download

Can FeedrollPro help improve my search engine rank?

Yes. If you choose to syndicate your news feed with PHP it will be rendered in plain HTML on all syndicating sites. This means it can be indexed by the search engines. This is important because it is the number and quality of incoming links to your site which determines your ranking in the search engines.

Using FeedrollPro an unlimited number of other websites can syndicate your news feed along with all the item links to your site. This is a rich and highly contextual way to achieve more incoming links to your site, which is valuable from a search engine optimization perspective.

This benefits syndicating sites aswell because Google rates pages higher that are regularly updated, and your content syndicated via PHP will appear to the search engines as fresh content updating automatically whenever you update your's win/win.

Can I use FeedrollPro to syndicate news headlines on my own website?

Yes you can. FeedrollPro was really designed to enable publishers to offer their own content for syndication by other sites, but it can be used to syndicate news feeds from other sites on your own pages. It is important however that you check with the orginal publisher to make sure they license their content for this type of use. This is especially important if yours is a commerical site. Many publishers only make their content available for syndication on non commercial sites.

Here's a list of various publishers who have made their news feeds available for syndication via FeedrollPro.

How does FeedrollPro compare in cost to other promotional activities?

Syndicating your content is like any other promotional activity. In the same way that you can purchase clicks on popular pay per click advertising networks, FeedrollPro can deliver more clicks and traffic to your site. The great thing about FeedrollPro is that we offer our service on a flat rate subscription basis ($14.95/mth) so the more traffic you drive the more cost effective it becomes, and you'll always know how much it will cost each month.

On most popular pay per click networks you will pay a minimum of $0.05/click, and for many popular keywords the cost can be upwards of $0.50/click (or more). At that price you only need to get 30 click through visitors per month from your syndicated content before you start saving money with FeedrollPro.

By way of example, one of our customers gets an average of 1400 clicks per month. That works out at $0.01/click or about 5x cheaper than the lowest cost per click ($0.05) on the big pay per click networks! And as more sites start to syndicate this customers news feed and more clicks are generated per month the cost of FeedrollPro remains fixed. That is good value!

Do you accept any form of payment other than PayPal?

Yes we do. If you have a PayPal account then you can sign up automatically (and be up and running within a few minutes), but if you can't use PayPal, then you can purchase from our authorized reseller 2Checkout.

We can also bill multiple accounts centrally, or arrange for alternate billing cycles, such as six monthly or annually if you prefer. Just contact us to discuss your requirements.


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